About Rocket Queens

The initial thought was to create a visual diary for our eyes only, so, quite spontaneously, the first blog went up as a glimpse into our daily style adventures – thus its name “Our Fancy World“. Five years later a lot has changed as it became a creative platform which led to amazing collaborations and the chance to interpret fashion through personal style. Our “new name” had to function as a link between our past and our present; between our inner rebel and our glam alter ego:

 We are the Rocket Queens!

As a final note, we feel the need to introduce ourselves separately since we might seem – sartorially – nearly identical! So… here goes…

Dimivez - Rocket Queens
Nefelibata - Dimivez

If nothing else, I’m most certainly an odd mix of things. An incurable dreamer who at the same time still likes to dwell on memories. A creature of habit, depended on a carefully orchestrated routine of daily tasks which are executed to perfection and yet allergic to any sort of authoritative behaviour. My pets are my angels and a good part of my day resolves around them while being active plays a huge role in who I am.

Regarding influence and inspiration, I won’t hesitate to own up to a soft spot for my rock legend love, Axl Rose because, though filtered through experience, I still am a rock child at heart…

Wanderlust - Kallivez

I’m the quiet and elusive one but in a “calm before the storm” kind of way. A good fashion-eye is, by far, my strongest skill and as a genuine food lover I often yield to decadent culinary pleasures. Some say I seem distant or too serious; truth is, I’m quite reserved, an eternal child but will go to great lengths for the ones I love, if asked.

However, I cannot stay in one place for long, as I have a restless soul and, heaven forbid, don’t cross me ever for nothing can stop me from speaking my mind…